The ‘Fuller House’ Photos Are In, And My Nostalgia And Curiosity Is Piqued

As a well-timed follow up to the recently released teaser for the Netflix original series ‘Fuller House,’ preview photos of the grownup and beloved Full(er) House cast were just released, ultimately piquing both my nostalgia and curiosity.

Seeing further proof that John Stamos hasn’t lost his hott uncle status is always okay by me (HI JOHN), and I’d be lying if I denied feeling sentimental pangs when I saw DJ and Stephanie and Kimmie all grown up and beautiful. But honestly, beyond the sentimental value — how will this show¬†hold up plot-wise on its own?

Are they planning to follow the inter-generational path where they dump the same adorable and sassy problems on the newly-cast children? Will Bob Saget continue to date women and fuck it up? Is uncle Joey still fun, or has aging caused him to become a depressive, somber Joey?

Let’s take a look and speculate:

CREDIT: Bustle

This photo confirms my hope that Kimmy is still her weirdo self (if her antics don’t continue in grownup fashion I will be so disappointed), which is a good omen for possible plot drama, especially now that she’s old enough to get into Real Shit. Also, holy shit — Stephanie looks incredible.


CREDIT: Bustle

There are some tiny new people in this photo, which confirms that there is a Next Generation of Fuller Housers, how are these children distributed? I can only assume from the poses that they are a combination of DJ and Stephanie’s, and that Kimmy is the cool aunt figure regaling everyone with her recent horseback riding escapade in the rain forest.

CREDIT: Bustle

OKAY, I am very happy to see Dave Coulier still smiling goofily in this picture. We need his bizarre, joyful existence in order for this reboot to work out (both ratings-wise and emotionally). Also, good to see uncle Jesse and Becky are still going strong with their matching effervescent hair coifs. Bob Saget makes me sad, but that has less to do with this photo and more to do with my personal feelings about him as a man. The three girls are hugging, which I assume circles back to some bonding moment brought about by Kimmy’s spirited reminiscing. What I’m getting at is — I want Fuller House to essentially be The Kimmy Show. I suppose I’ll wait until February 26th to find out if my nostalgic dreams will be fulfilled.