Spelling Out Words With Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Is Taking This Whole Miracle Of Life Shit Way Too Far

Hey, did you just have a baby and you’re really excited about your baby and the fact that it came out of your body still attached to your placenta via its umbilical cord? Do you want to find the best possible way to share the new life you’ve brought into this world, using the props that it came with??

Before you steam your placenta and make it into pills, why don’t you keep it attached to the umbilical cord it came with, lay your new baby out on a towel and spell out a word — any word, use your imagination! — with the cord itself! That’s what New Zealand-based photographer Emma Jean Nolan did, and whew boy, that’s a lot of look.

To be fair, this is in honor of a Maori tradition, and while Nolan is not Maori herself, the baby pictured is, so fine, elevate the importance of the placenta. “It is generally discarded, ignored and considered disgusting,” she said. Fair enough. Let’s just leave well enough alone, though? Unless it’s also a Maori tradition to spell “LOVE” or “HAY” or “GUYS” or “STEVEN AVERY IS INNOCENT” or “DEAN STRANG IS MY BOYFRIEND”, let’s never in a million years do this again, please.

If I’m wrong, please feel free to let me know in the comments. :)

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