Emma Stone Will Be Your Fresh Baby-skinned Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone has proven herself to be an actress of impressive range, with the ability to play and sell roles across the board with skill and charisma. Given her good track record, it’s exciting to see what big projects are next on her docket, and as of now it looks like she will be playing Cruela De Vil in the upcoming Disney origin story.

When I think of Cruella I immediately flash back to Glenn Close strutting about in her draped furs, rocking the most fashion-forward villain hair while equally creeping out and charming viewers. Although I love Stone in pretty much everything she’s appeared in, I can’t help but feel an aversion to having such a young actress play the villain, considering the fact that part of Cruela’s persona relies on a certain eccentricity that comes with years of chain-smoking and puppy-skinning.

Can Cruela be a doe-eyed baby-skinned darling and still give off those perfectly evil vibes? I have no doubt that Stone has the ability to serve serious sass and evil, and makeup artists and costume designers will drape her in the needed furs and capes and badass villain accouterments, but I can’t help but feel a little sad that this opportunity for an equally evil older actress was passed down to someone¬†so young.

Either way, I am excited and curious to see the rebranded Cruela that takes shape through Stone! Prove my sad-sack naysaying wrong, Emma!