Donald Trump Really Actually Might Not Know That Paris Is In France, Not Germany

According to one of Donald Trump’s tweets today, The Donmeister thinks that Paris is in Germany:

You know what I love about Donald Trump? He runs his own Twitter account (apparently unfiltered), he never deletes his tweets, and he never says “whoops, my bad” when he makes a factual error. It certainly keeps things interesting.

I was going to say that I don’t doubt that Trump knows, in fact, that Paris is in France, because I figured he must own property in Paris. Then I looked through his financial disclosure (which is just a fascinating document, by the way), and at first glance, anyway, it appears that he owns properties in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, China, Georgia (the country), Mexico, the Grenadines, Egypt, Turkey, India, Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Indonesia, and the sea (literally – the sea; he owns commercial boats), but – at first glance! – it doesn’t seem that he owns any property in Paris. Or Germany, for that matter. Not even a Trump hotel.

So although I was going to ask if he was all right because maybe his pent-up rage is starting to kill his brain, if we can assume that his knowledge of anything other than himself has to do with the transactions he makes, it turns out that maybe he really just doesn’t know that Paris is in France. Mystery solved?
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