Omaha Lady Insists Sex Ed “Rapes Children Of Innocence”

I was just having a discussion with my mom about how one of the first papers she ever wrote in college, back in the ’60s, was about comprehensive sex ed. You would think that controversy would be over by now–especially after going through the AIDS crisis and all, and after study after study showed that schools with comprehensive sex ed have far lower pregnancy rates than those without–but you would be wrong. Somehow there are still people going around crying about the evils of sex education.


At an Omaha, Nebraska school board meeting about changes to the sexual education curriculum, hundreds of parents came to speak out about their support or opposition to a new program which will include topics like sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the basics of sex and contraceptives, and which will not include information about abortion or emergency contraception, despite the fact that both of those things are completely legal.

As The Cut reports, one of the women speaking out shared some pretty disturbing thoughts.

“Yes, we need to give children an education. But the curriculum that you have, the standards you have, gives children too much information. It rapes children of their innocence.”

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Yeah. Comprehensive sex education is just like rape. That’s an definitely appropriate word for that. Especially considering the fact that the new things being added to the curriculum are about gay people and trans people existing. Seriously–do you think teenagers aren’t going to find out about gay people and trans people existing? Do you think they’re not going to find out that sex happens and that people have abortions? That is completely ridiculous. They would probably have to live in a bomb shelter in order for that to occur.

Look: Well before I ever took a damned sex-ed class, like most kids, I was already wondering about sex. Like most kids, I had a friend who told me she was pretty sure it involved a boy peeing into your belly button. We had the sex talk pretty early in my household, both because my mother was rather progressive and also because one day I blurted out “When I am older, I think I will only have oral sex, because I like talking” when I was about seven.

When kids don’t have real information, they fill in the blanks themselves with their own absurd theories. It’s better that they know what’s really going on, and how things work, than to let that go on. If I could glean random, albeit vastly incorrect, things about sex in a small Massachusetts town in the 1980s, well before the internet, how the hell do these people think they’re going to keep their kids from finding out about gay people, sex and contraceptives until they’re 18? What world do they think they’re living in?

It’s possible to be aware of sex, aware of contraceptives, aware of people with different sexual orientations and gender identities than you, and still have a perfectly normal–and yes, perfectly innocent–childhood. I did it, so there is your proof. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

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