Oregon Militia Man Hides Under Tarp, Rejects Warrants For His Arrest

LaVoy Finicum, one of the militants currently occupying the Oregon Wildlife Sanctuary, made quite the appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell last night–hiding under a blue tarp with a giant gun. Just like, sitting there, under a tarp, holding a gun, for a good ten minutes at least while O’Donnell and several correspondents discussed the situation. Truly, it was a sight to behold.

Finicum is a rancher, a neighbor of Cliven Bundy, and the author of a novel titled Only by Blood and Suffering. He is reportedly ready for an altercation with the police, on account of the fact that they maybe want to arrest him and he would prefer they did not.

Along with several other leaders of the armed occupation, Finicum has a warrant out for his arrest–and does not “accept” this warrant. You know, because that is a thing you are allowed to do. Just say “I would prefer not to” like some kind of cowboy Bartleby the Scrivener, and then expect the police to let you go on your merry way. 

Later on in the program, Finicum was interviewed by correspondentTony Dokoupil. When asked what his actual issues were, Finicum was not exactly clear. He mentioned the fact that he can sit down and talk with his local county sheriff, but not with John McCain–insinuating that this meant that people with a higher authority than the county sheriff should have no authority over him. He claims he is ready to die for this cause, although refused to directly answer questions about what he would do if police came to arrest him, putting that question off by saying he would prefer they not arrest him. Finicum explained that he loved freedom too much to live in a concrete cell, and said he would rather die than be kept in one.

Honestly, the whole thing was very confusing, and almost sad as it seems that this LaVoy Finicum person does not have a very strong grasp on reality. It’s also pretty sad that he has 11 children and none of them seem to be coming by to try to talk him out of this.