Gentle Reminder: Ariana Grande Will Always Be A Theater Kid

Ariana Grande licks donuts, refuses to let her feet touch the ground and is really, really good at Christmas music. But, lest her aura of cool sexy baby fool you, please remember that Ariana Grande is, at heart, a theatre kid.

Last night at Hollywood restaurant Catalina Bar & Grill, patrons thought they were seeing a performance by Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown. He announced that there was a special guest and lo and behold, out walked Ariana Grande, ponytail in place, ready to belt a 13 minute set in complete musical theater mode, all gestures and saucer-eyes and that lilting, singsongy patter in between belts.

Surely all the Arianators out there know this, but Ms. Grande got her start in the musical 13, written by Brown. It all makes sense, right? Bask in the glory of someone reaching deep back into their roots, above.