Emily Blunt Preferred Jon Krasinski’s Soft, Squishy Dadbod, In Case You Were Wondering

Sweetly-schlubby, kind, affable teddy bear Jon Krasinski burst the hell out of his skin and emerged like a shiny, sexy, smooth-skinned creature, all torso and arms and stuff, as he prepped for his role as a Navy SEAL in the Micheal Bay Benghazi movie. He lost…21% of his body fat. Abs, delts, lats, traps emerged from a softish, jiggly exterior. Behold:


Jeez! That’s some bod you got there, sir. While the general public was pleased with Krasinski’s transition from dadbod to hardbod, Emily Blunt, the person married to said bod, isn’t quite as thrilled.

In an appearance on The Late Show last night, Krasinski told Stephen Colbert that his wife misses the old Jon. “She would way prefer to have the doughy guy back,” Krasinski said.

Dadbod prevails. Long live dadbod.