Babypod Lets Your Unborn Child Listen To Whatever You Think Is Cool, Man

Hey, are you pregnant? Congratulations. Do you want to make sure your unborn child’s musical tastes are formed in utero, so that they’ll tolerate your repeat plays of “Can’t Buy A Thrill”? Your partner no longer has to hold headphones on your giant, unwieldy stomach, because Babypod is here for you.

It’s a small speaker, intended to play music for your fetus, inserted vaginally and left there to hang out. ¬†Whatever you’ve chosen to play will boom through the speaker, filling your bundle-of-joy’s ears with Mozart, Erykah Badu or repeated plays of “Jumpman”, because goddamit, being pregnant is kind of hell, you really identify with Kim Kardashian’s whole “pregnancy is a nightmare” thing and you kind of wish you could just bop around in your kitchen, in control of your own body, jeez!!!

This speaker doesn’t use Bluetooth, which seems like a nice, reassuring thing, until you realize that the earbuds that you need to listen to music along with your baby come out of your vagina. Cool!

So, if you can’t stand the thought of your tiny baby forming their own opinions on music or just want to play cool shit for babby while serving as both a vessel for life and music, here’s your answer.