A Glimpse At A Powerful, Wealthy Toddler’s First Day Of School

Prince George, the world’s most adorable figurehead, has started Montessori pre-school today. His mother sent him dressed in a quilted nylon jacket with elbow patches, a sky blue backpack and a side part. He looks like he should be whacking about a heath somewhere misty. He looks like a tiny J.Crew ad. I’m sorry, he’s adorable. Look at him, strolling up to Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, like he owns the place(he does, in a sense, right?)


What are you pointing at, my tiny, sweet prince? Is it your mom? Is it your sister? Is it your dad? Is it your handsome Uncle Harry? Is it a wide swath of English countryside, dewy and sun-dappled, whispering to you, “I am yours?” Is it a wooden toy that you suddenly realized you want very badly and will do anything to have?

Congratulations to Kate Middleton, who now has only one child to contend with during the day and good luck to the childcare workers responsible for telling him gently but firmly that no, he cannot have that pudding right now, it’s reading hour, thank you very much.