Thank God For This Dating Site Made By White People For White People!!!

Hey, are you a white person? Have you had a hard time finding other like-minded white people to date? Have you scoured the depths of all the dating sites and apps and services, swiping left and screaming to the heavens, “God, where are all the white people?!?!”

Rest easy, because is here to save you from the tyranny of possibly dating anyone outside your race. Sometime early in the new year, a mysterious billboard popped up in Utah, advertising a safe, cool space for white people to meet other white people.

“We believe that dating is about choices. You should be able to choose what dating sites you join based on your likes and preferences,” says their “Reasons To Join” page. Cool, cool. Fine.But, is it actually hard to meet white people? Is there such a dearth of white people in Utah that you’d need to advertise with a huge billboard to encourage other white people to date each other? Also, is this site really where white people meet? I thought of some other places that white people meet, if you’re a white person who desperately needs to specifically meet other white people.

  1. The masthead of any legacy media organization.
  2. Your grandparent’s gated retirement community.
  3. Ice skating.
  4. Any bar.
  5. Your corner store.
  6. Daughters Of The American Revolution functions.
  7. The frozen food aisle of the supermarket.
  8. Anywhere, ever. Step outside. Look around. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a white person.

While a legion of supporters will rise up, brandishing dating sites for farmers, black people, Jewish people, Muslims, Catholics and Latinos as the reason why this site should exist, please remember that these dating sites exist because of white people. White people — you’re the default! Try hard to keep that in mind.

We reached out to the founders of this site for comment.