Obama Reveals New Rules For Gun Sales; No One’s Coming For Your Guns

President Obama is rolling out executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence today, and they seem pretty common-sensical: They require dealers who sell guns on the internet and at gun shows to be licensed, require gun dealers to perform background checks, and require that guns that go missing between a manufacturer and a dealer be reported to federal authorities, on top of dedicating $500 million to mental health services and having the FBI hire 230 new employees to conduct background checks around the clock and investigate online gun trafficking.

Basically, it’s meant to keep guns out of the wrong people’s hands and address some of the root causes of illegal gun use – it doesn’t take anyone’s guns away or prohibit qualified gun owners from purchasing and owning more guns. Obama pointed out today that the majority of Americans, including gun owners, support these measures. Which is true: Eighty-six percent of Americans favor universal background checks, and fifty-five percent of Americans support having stricter laws about the sale of guns, according to Gallup polls. But tell that to Republican presidential nominees, who have vowed to roll back these actions if they’re elected, based mainly on the fact that Obama bypassed Congress and used his executive power to enact these new rules.

It all goes along with the narrative propagated by politicians (but not so much gun owners) that any legal requirement that gets between a citizen and their gun must be so prohibitive as to violate the second amendment. But 1) Obama’s executive actions aren’t aimed at gun owners so much as gun dealers, and 2) the licensing requirements that gun owners do have to live up to are, well, not always as strict as you’d think. Case in point: When Mashable had three children take the Michigan handgun licensing exam, an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old passed it. The 10-year-old, in fact, said that he wished his school tests were this easy.

So is Obama really coming for anyone’s guns? Well, yes, he’s coming for criminals’ and gun traffickers’ guns. With 380 Americans dead in mass shootings alone in 2015, at what point does it become deplorable to oppose even mild restrictions on gun sales and ownership?


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