Jennifer Lawrence Is “A Successful Woman Who Has Not Had A Pregnancy” Thanks To Planned Parenthood

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Glamourwhere she talks to Cindy Lieve, editor-in-chief, about the wage gap, Amy Schumer, and, naturally, Planned Parenthood.

The topic comes up while Lieve is discussing Lawrence’s movie, co-written with her new best friend, Amy Schumer.

JL: …Amy’s the most empathetic person I’ve ever met in my life. When she came over this morning, she was crying. She had just…seen the news about the shooting at Planned Parenthood. It’s so awful…. It isn’t an attack on abortions; it’s an attack on women. Because Planned Parenthood is so much more [than abortion]. My mom was really religious with me when I was young. She’s not so much anymore. And I wouldn’t have been able to get birth control if it weren’t for Planned P. I wouldn’t have been able to get condoms and birth control and all these things I needed as a normal teenager who was growing up in a Jesus house.
CL: So did you go to Planned Parenthood for those things?
JL: Yes, I did. And now [gestures widely] I am a successful woman who has not had a pregnancy.
CL: Congratulations.
JL: Thank you. [Laughs.] But seriously. What harm comes from supplying people with birth control, condoms, Pap smears, and cancer screenings?

Valid points, all around. I would love some clarification on what a “Jesus house” is, and am hopeful that the two powerful blondes will tackle this and many other unanswered questions I have in their film.