Trump’s First TV Campaign Ad Is Creepy As Hell

Donald Trump has released his first campaign ad for television, and boy, is it ever a doozy. It’s rather doomsday-ish, with the cinematography done in the style of a 1940s newsreel, which seems like a poor marketing idea in light of the comparisons many have made between Trump and certain fascist dictators.

The ad hits all of the Trump talking points:

  1. Donald Trump says “Radical Islamic Terrorism” which is a thing weird bigots are obsessed with hearing for some reason.
  2. Donald Trump will call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.
  3.  He’ll quickly “cut the head” off of ISIS, because sure, that seems like a thing that can happen and will definitely stop all of the terrorism. Probably he can just swing by whatever country in the Middle East, demand to see the President of ISIS, behead him, and then stop all of the terrorism forever.
  4. OH, and he’ll totally take all their oil, because obviously.
  5. He will build a wall to keep all the Mexicans out, and Mexico will pay for it.
  6. He will make America great again.

I kind of love that he keeps insisting that Mexico will will pay for the wall–despite the fact that the President Enrique Peña Nieto has repeatedly affirmed that Mexico will not, in fact, be doing that. I mean, what? Does he have something on Mexico? Does he have a sex tape proving that Mexico cheated on its spouse and will threaten to release it unless Mexico pays for the wall? Does he have proof that Mexico isn’t even really a country, but merely a money-laundering front for the mob?

Of course, he probably doesn’t have any secret dirt on Mexico, Trump and his supporters think he can make it possible by simply walking into into Mexico John Wayne-style and demanding it, because that is how they all think Presidenting works.