Celine Dion Disappoints/Amazes By Covering Adele (But Not With Adele)

That tricky bitch Celine Dion made it seem like her New Year’s audience was going to get the diva vocalist experience of a lifetime at her Las Vegas show: “Tonight, if I may, I would like Adele to be part of our New Year’s Eve,” she says. “Adele? Hello?”

Adele was, of course, “not in the building,” Celine explained before going on to cover Adele’s “Hello,” in the great tradition of Demi Lovato, Southern University’s marching band, and this teenager. I’m starting to think that Adele is actually one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and that once “Hello” has reached total cultural saturation, once every living person has covered “Hello,” the world might actually end.

Anyway, Celine kills it, of course – see for yourself above.


[h/t Vulture]

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