Beth Stelling’s Alleged Rapist Comes To His Own Defense On Facebook

In late December, comedian Beth Stelling alleged via Instagram verbal, sexual and physical abuse suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who she refused to name. It has come to light that the ex in question is Cale Hartmann.

Sam Morril is currently dating Stelling. Hartmann came to his own defense in a lengthy Facebook post, his first after shutting down his social media accounts after Stelling’s post went viral in the sleepy, quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s.

“I was incredibly hurt to see my ex-girlfriend had made public accusations across all of her social media platforms that tell a story so far beyond the truth,” he wrote. “The severity of her accusations are false and extremely harmful. I’m not sure she realizes the irreparable harm of her actions.”

The post continues:

Everyone condemning me on social media must have some evidence beyond her word – they must know me in a way that I don’t know myself – they must know her personally and be 100% certain to “out” my name despite a single word from me. They have no such proof, no such certainty, no such reason for using my name. My career and life do not deserve to be taken away without some basic level of due process just because of an allegation on the Internet. She is being praised and lauded to no end while people take joy in destroying me as the new villain of the week. How would that make you feel?

He goes on for some time, and you can read the rest of the post here.

Sterling’s initial Instagram post mentioned another one of Hartmann’s ex-girlfriends, who had come to her with a similar story. That woman is Courtney Pauroso, another comedian who has talked more about the incident on her podcast. Listen to that here.