Best New Tumblr: One Butt Drawing A Day For All Of 2016

If your interests lie at the unholy intersection of Tumblr, goal-setting, and childish humor, get your butt over to, where artist Charles Vestal is drawing at least one butt a day, every day in 2016. Right now there are even bonus butts, because (I guess) New Year’s Day was a particularly butt-inspired day.


He’s also posting the butts on a Twitter account, @butts_dot_lol, so that if you don’t Tumbl, you can at least get your daily dose of butts via tweet.


What will today’s butt bring? Will it be a blue butt? Will Vestal ever draw an irregularly-shaped butt? What about wrinkled butts? A butt with a bruise? Are only human butts game, or will we see foul cat butt? Will stink lines ever be involved, or are these all spic-and-span, rosy-smelling butts?

I guess you’ll have to follow Vestal to find out. You can also listen to Vestal’s Christmas music on his website, if you find his butts compelling.


[h/t Boing Boing]
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