“Affluenza Teen” Ethan Couch Ran Up $2,100 Tab At A Mexican Strip Club, Made His Mom Pay

It’s pretty unlikely that “Affluenza Teen” Ethan Couch is ever going to stop drunk driving into a crowd of people, killing four of them, injuring nine others and then getting off on probation because a jury decided he was too rich to understand right from wrong–but he’s certainly trying!

Last month, Couch was apprehended by police late last month after violating his probation by fleeing to Mexico with his mom, after having possibly violated his probation by playing beer pong. So that was a thing!

Now, we’re starting to find out a few things about what went on during that trip to Mexico, other than Couch getting a bad dye job that makes him look like an especially haggard Bud Cort and ordering Domino’s.

One of those things, at the very least, was getting super hammered at two Puerto Vallarta strip clubs, Prestige and Harem, and running up huge-ass bills.

At Harem, the precious angel racked up a $2,100 tab, was unable to pay it, and was escorted back to his hotel by an employee of the club, where he asked his mother to bail him out. Did she? Of course she did!

A hotel employee said that Tonya Couch was angry upon seeing the receipt, but probably not as angry as our parents would have been if they had taken us to Mexico to avoid our probation officer, acquired because we killed four people, and then gone to a strip club by ourselves and spent $2,100. Probably not that angry at all. Because if that had happened to any of us, we’d all still be grounded well into our mid-thirties.

Couch remains in jail in Guadlajara as he fights extradition efforts from police who would like to question him about that whole beer pong thing.