Beyoncé’s Stylist Has Invented A Phone Case With Built-in Selfie Lighting And We Want It Now

Beyoncé’s stylist Ty Hunter, has invented the best iPhone case yet. The new case called a “Ty-Lite” has a built in frame of lights like a backdrop, that helps you take perfect glamorshot-level selfies.

Ty Hunter has been Bae’s stylist for 17 years and I guess after that long you soak up so much of her amazingness that you can’t help but turn out products that in turn give Beyoncé’s light back to the world.

The case comes has three lighting settings: Cool, which is best for outdoor lighting; Warm, which gives you a glossy, dewy effect, and Indoor/Outdoor, which “gives you that little extra glam.”

Damn, I want this so bad you guys.

Get your hands on one here. May the selfie revolution continue.