Incredible Boyfriend Builds Girlfriend A Magic Mirror For Christmas

In what was undoubtedly one of the most romantic and outlandish holiday gestures, Dylan Pierce of Philadelphia built his girlfriend a mirror that not only shows her weather updates, but is programmed to dole out personalized compliments.

Inspired by his girlfriend Amy’s woodworking practice, Pierce thought it’d be fun to do more than just build her any old mirror. He combined an acrylic double-sided mirror, an affordable Raspberry PI computer, and custom coding to create the effect of scrolling text and savvy weather updates.

Amy knew Pierce was building her a mirror, but had no idea it was customized in this way. Pierce said he managed to sneak in all his work time while she was working, so when he told her to plug it in on Christmas day it was a complete surprise.

“I wish I had a picture of her when the Raspberry Pi boot text starting flowing down the screen. Made all the work worth it a hundred times over,” he said, after successfully revealing the present.

He continues to work on the mirror, planning to add more messages to surprise Amy. His building process is documented online and can be viewed at his blog.

(Refinery 29)