My 12 Queer Wishes For 2016

The year 2015 was pretty kind to the LGBTQ community, no lie. We got gay marriage, probably the most public trans coming-out in history, and pretty seismic changes in military policies. Let’s keep the party going! Here are my 11 queer wishes for 2016:

CREDIT: Tumblr

1. Clone Ruby Rose. For obvious reasons.

2. For everyone to stop watching Caitlyn Jenner’s every move in a hawk-like fashion. I know that the world is disappointed with the fact that Caitlyn Jenner is an imperfect trans person whose politics don’t jibe with a lot of people in the trans community and, it appears, even more people who aren’t part of the trans community. Tough titties! Jenner’s in the middle of transitioning. It’s a stressful time that she’s handling with as much grace as someone with as public a persona as hers can do. And news flash: The trans community is as diverse as any other community. If she never changes her politics, it’s her right. Quit tellin’ her what to do.

3. But also, for the media to stop copping out by ONLY paying attention to Caitlyn Jenner and considering it adequate coverage of the trans community. I’ve heard a lot of people (OK, OK, a lot of cis women) bemoan Caitlyn Jenner’s perceived faults specifically because she’s such a public figure. Well, the media chooses to cover her and almost only her. Mayhap in 2016 we can start celebrating and publicizing the trans community in all of its diverse and beautiful glory.

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4. For mainstream blogs to start writing “men, women, and others” and “your significant other.” When online media – especially women’s online media that cops to being “progressive” and supporting queer and trans people – boils everything down to “men and women both” or “men and women” and exclude the knowledge they allege to have that there are people who exist in the world who don’t fall into those categories, it’s lazy and exclusive. Same goes for when there’s an assumption that the reader’s relationship is hetero. If you support queer and trans people, include queer and trans people. It’s not hard – trust me, I’ve made the change myself.

5. For more unisex clothing lines. eEspecially, dare I wish, in big-name stores like H&M. Please give me options, for the love of god. Otherwise I’m pretty much stuck at American Apparel, who I love, but who also charge $60 that I don’t have for a pair of shorts.


6. For Poe Dameron/Finn slashfic to become a reality. Hotttttttt.

7. For the attacks on Planned Parenthood to stop. PP offers STD screenings, access to birth control, and a vast array of other health services that queer and trans people cherish and need. I know it’s 99.999% likely not to happen, but one can dream.

8. More green lipstick. And blue, orange, and yellow – colors that aren’t supposed to evoke an image of female arousal (blood rushing to the face and all that) and that maybe everyone can wear. While we’re at it, let’s de-gender and de-sexualize red and pink and purple.

9. More glitter. Just in general. I am a big, big fan.

10. More live TV musicals. Can we get a Kander and Ebb musical in there sometime, thanks?

CREDIT: Sun-Times

11. The first woman president of the United States of America. Look, I don’t love Hillary Clinton, and I’m voting Sanders in the primaries, but I really do think that a woman being America’s commander-in-chief would go a long way for women and the LGBT community, both.

12. Lastly, for more media coverage of the murders of trans women and especially trans women of color. There’s been a rolling count all year on the trans women who were murdered in apparent hate crimes – we were up to 21 known trans women at last count, but it’s hard to tell what the real number is, since so many trans women live in secrecy and so many police departments don’t acknowledge the correct gender for trans crime victims. If 21 gay people had been murdered in apparent hate crimes this year, it would be considered an epidemic. Although it’s been a darn good year for us, we don’t enjoy the same widespread support that our GLB allies do, and the media beyond progressive online media have to do a better job of bringing our stories – happy and tragic – to light in 2016.
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