Miss Colombia Thinks Steve Harvey Announced The Wrong Winner On Purpose

Miss Colombia Arianda Gutierrez was mistakenly crowned Miss Universe by a very confused Steve Harvey earlier this month, in a gaffe that most likely outshadows anything you’ve ever done, professionally or privately. I’m gullible and genuinely take things at face value, so I assumed that this was Steve Harvey making a whoopsie and that was the end of that.

You know who doesn’t believe that? Miss Colombia, who TIME reports that she thinks the entire situation was rigged in an baldfaced attempt to boost ratings and heat for a pageant that not a lot of people care about in the first place.

Gutiérrez, 22, added that as everything was going down, she only thought “this is going to be a joke,” since Harvey had a history of goofing around during rehearsals.

Steve Harvey, for what it’s worth, tweeted this on Christmas day.


Jokes! Steve Harvey got jokes. Surely he didn’t do this terrible thing on purpose in an attempt to boost ratings not only for his talk show but also for the pageant, right? Are we in such a bad place that we must assume that everything, from “Miley, what’s good?” to this very public, very big mistake is a careful exercise in Advanced Thirst, career edition? I don’t know! I imagine we never will.