Watch: Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Performance Of ‘A Natural Woman’ at The Kennedy Center Honors

Aretha Franklin walked onto the stage of the Kennedy Center last night like she was late for work, tossed her clutch on the piano and sat down in her fur coat to give one of the most incredible, fur-and-jaw-dropping performances of her 1968 hit “Like A Natural Woman” in honor of Kennedy Center honoree Carole King.

Theres really not much else to say about this, because any words would detract from how truly wonderful this thing is. Just watch the whole thing. Watch it a couple of times, if you have to. I have! Look how happy Gina Rodriguez, Rosie Perez and Kerry Washington are. Look at how President Obama wipes away a tear.  Look at how excited Carole King is.

Sometimes I forget the Carole King version of this song exists, but judging from Carole’s reaction here, I think she probably does too.