Science Says 3pm Is Optimal For Orgasms; Bring Back The Afternoon Delight

Despite our tendencies towards late night or early morning sex, according to hormone specialist Alyssa Vitti, the peak time for great sex and optimum orgasms is actually around 3pm — an afternoon delight.

According to Vitti, mid-afternoon — more specifically 3pm– is when women’s bodies are high in the hormone cortisol, which increases energy and alertness to stimuli, both sexual and otherwise.  Conversely, men have an afternoon increase in estrogen, which often causes them to be more emotionally tuned-in and calmer. For heterosexual (or pan or bi) lovers, this specific hormonal shift can create a balance in which the women is more sexually aggressive and alert, and the man is calmer and more likely to invest in longer foreplay and the type of drawn-out sensual stimulation required for female orgasm.

Why isn’t this dynamic equally present at night or in the morning? Apparently men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning, and build-up from their afternoon resting state over the course of the evening, causing the more aggressive evening desires, and the often mechanical-yet-aggressive morning sex. For many women, their cortisol levels are lower in the late evening and into the morning, and peak at the afternoon, causing this sort of reversal of desire.

Obviously, not everyone is smanging people of the opposite gender. And, most people work during these hours, and everyone is different. Most people have managed to figure out how to sync their sexual needs despite differing hormone levels, but it is fascinating to consider the possibility of a scientifically-backed afternoon delight, and how planning your weekend forays could maximize pleasure.

(Daily Mail)