Rapist Forces Victim To Call Her Boyfriend, She Calls 911 Instead

A rapist in Clayton County, Georgia has been apprehended due to what police say was “quick thinking” on behalf of his victim and a 911 operator.

Robert Giles, 27, has been charged with rape, false imprisonment and abstruction, and may face an additional charge of kidnapping, after he abducted a woman and raped her in the back of an adult entertainment shop.

During the assault, Giles demanded that the victim call her boyfriend so that he could hear him raping her. The victim, however, called 911 instead and got the operator to play along and pretend to be her boyfriend. The operator then tried to talk the attacker out of the assault, while sending police to the scene. Police arrived swiftly and Giles was caught in the act.

The whole incident is horrifying–but this woman is brave and smart as hell, and I’m glad she’ll almost definitely get to see her attacker go to jail.


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