Here Are The Best States For Fitness, According To Hashtags

If your New Year’s resolution is fitness-related, no doubt in the next few weeks you’ll hear a lot of people telling you that one of the most effective ways to stick to your goals is to get a fitness buddy who’ll hold you accountable. If you want some truly next-level accountability, of course, you could always start a fitness IG and start hashtagging all of your gym selfies with your gym buddy.

I’m not serious, of course; to me, this all sounds like a nightmare to be and to be around at the gym. But hey, it works for plenty of people! Or at least, plenty of Californians, if this study from is any indication.


The study authors say that their results indicate the fittest state in America, but I beg to differ. They analyzed hashtags for bodybuilding hashtags only (gains, swole, ripped, shredded, buff), which is just one iteration of fitness. Also, what people say about themselves is a lousy way of measuring their fitness.

But whatever, let’s indulge in this.


The most popular bodybuilding hashtag this year was #gains, followed by #shredded, #ripped, and #swole.


While California dominated bodybuilding hashtags overall, Nevada, Texas, and New York shared some of Californians’ enthusiasm for #gains.

The study also showed that when people were posting about #gains and being #shredded, they liked to compliment those hashtags with comments on being #motivated and in #beastmode. Does this sound like the worst to you? It sounds like the worst to me. But hey, everyone’s got their thing.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in getting them gains in 2016, you know where to go. Midwesterners, good luck; apparently you will need it.


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