Handy New App Polices All Your “Unprofessional” Ladyspeak

LADIES! As I’m sure you’ve heard, judging by the barrage of thinkpieces this year, it is sometimes hard for big important businessmen to take us seriously due to our supposed tendency to use words like “just” and “sorry” and phrases like “I think.” Of course, they also don’t like it when we’re too direct and all Joan Crawford-like, either! Because that’s intimidating and off-putting!


Clearly, this is a huge problem, and what women really need is to be more paranoid about how they present themselves.

Never fear, ladies! Because now there is “Just Not Sorry“– a new Chrome extension on the market that will monitor the emails you send and alert you when you use words like “just” and “sorry” and phrases like “I think,” so that you can be taken seriously. You know, like a man!

just not sorry

The plug-in highlights these “trigger words” and when the user hovers over them, provides an “education hint” explaining how that word undermines their message.

Of course, men also use words and phrases like “just,” “I’m sorry” and “I think,” and it wouldn’t occur to anyone to not take them seriously for doing that–but who needs an app to be taken seriously when you have a penis?