Florida Woman Arrested For Drinking Wine And Eating Snacks In Walmart

In one of the more relatable crimes I’ve heard in some time, Florida woman Josseleen Lopez was caught riding around Walmart in a motorized scooter while eating cinnamon rolls and sushi and drinking a bottle of wine.

The store’s loss prevention officer noticed her suspicious behavior but waited to make sure he was right before calling the cops. It was only after she’d eaten the larger portion of a rotisserie chicken that he called authorities and had her apprehended.

Police on the scene found syringes in Lopez’s bag that she confirmed were used to shoot up meth. When questioned about her crimes, she admitted she knew stealing the snacks and wine wasn’t right. That’s why she indulged only inside the store.

Lopez is charged with one count of petty retail theft and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

(FOX 8)