Affluenza Teen And Mom Tracked Down After Ordering A Domino’s Pizza

Apparently “affluenza” really is a thing, because Ethan Couch and his mom were found in Mexico, fleeing the U.S. after Couch violated his probation, because they used one of their own cell phones to order Domino’s pizza. It seems that their affluent lifestyle has sheltered them from the knowledge of burner phones, eh?

You may remember Couch’s “affluenza” defense – in 2013, he was convicted of killing four people while drunk driving, but skipped jail time on the premise that his wealthy upbringing had deprived him of the knowledge of right and wrong (or something like that). Two years later, with the world still engaging in the longest eye-roll of all time over the verdict, photos surfaced of Couch playing beer pong at a party, thus violating his parole. So, of course, instead of owning up to his mistake, he and his mom Tonya went to Puerto Vallarta to hide out. And then, of course, instead of having a shred of forethought, they ordered Domino’s on one of their own cell phones.

I mean, hey, I don’t blame them. I actually love Domino’s pizza despite the plethora of artisanal pizza options I have available to me elsewhere. When you want Domino’s, you want Domino’s. And the Couches have to get it while they can, because now, Tonya Couch is going to be charged with the felony offense of hindering apprehension, and prosecutors are asking for Ethan’s probation to be transferred to an adult court.

Still – #worthit.


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