Thank Us Later: The Best Water Bottle In The World, Courtesy Of Thermos

A few weeks ago, I was laid out – literally – with horrific back pain. As in, I couldn’t straighten my legs or my back, and this lasted for almost three weeks.

While I was in the emergency room for this problem, they did a CT scan. It turned out that I am healthy as far as a CT scan goes except in one respect: Fecal impaction. Don’t worry, I’m getting to the water bottle.

Turns out the fecal impaction may or may not have anything at all to do with my back pain – all of the doctors I saw pretty much just said, “Who knows? Have some muscle relaxants!” – but it was a problem that needed solving. The ER doctor prescribed water, which has worked marvelously. If you are fecally impacted, here’s my advice: Drink more water. There, we’re done talking about my poop.

The problem I’ve always had with water tracking is that I don’t care enough to actually write down my water consumption. Who has time for that? I’ll just have to start another count tomorrow. And yes, I could just, you know, do math in my head, but I lose track of how many bottles and glasses I have. I’m busy. Go away.

This is where the Thermos HP4000DPTRI6 Hydration Bottle with Meter comes in. This was a lucky find. While I was at Walgreens, picking up muscle relaxants and magnesium citrate – a laxative that my ER doctor correctly described as “explosive” (OK, now we’re done) – I figured, OK, I also need to get a water bottle. One of the cheaper bottles happened to be this Thermos wonderbottle.

It’s not incredibly special. It doesn’t have a straw. It has a flip-top instead of a suction top, which I’ve come to prefer over the last few weeks because I love this bottle so much. It carries a little more than 20 ounces of water. It has a loop to which you could attach a carabiner for ease of travel, I suppose (I chose to put the Boba Fett Lego keychain my nephew gave me for Christmas there, instead).

But the real get is that there is a handy meter on the top of the bottle that you can adjust as you finish your bottles of water. Suddenly, there is no confusion about the amount of water I’m drinking every day. I manage at least 3.5 most days, which brings me comfortably into the widely-recommended 64 ounces of water per day. I love this bottle. I love it so much that when I lost it in a taxi, I bought another one, and then I bought my mom and sister one each for a belated Christmas present because they quickly fell in love with it, too.

I have Thermos to thank for my recent good water-related habits as well as a far more comfortable digestive life, notwithstanding the fact that I go to the bathroom like every 30 minutes now. I’m not sure why you can’t find this bottle on the Walgreens website (heresy!), but you can find it at the Thermos website for a dollar less than I paid in the store. And you’re welcome.
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