Billy Eichner Exits 2015 Asking The Tough Questions: Kris Jenner or Gepetto?

Hey, no one’s paying attention to anything this week, because we’re all eating chocolate oranges fished out of our stocking while watching HGTV marathons. I urge you to take a break from your very important schedule to watch Billy Eichner play a game called “Kris Jenner or Gepetto?”

“Wishes desperately on a falling star!” he screams. “Gepetto?” answers the willing participant. Technically, they are all Gepetto, but honestly, close your eyes and and see if Kris’s face doesn’t float into your mind’s eye, hmm?

This is a great game. This is the best game. Play this game at your New Years function. Play this game once a week. Play it right now. Go. I’m not stopping you.

Thank you, Billy Eichner, for a strong finish to 2015.