Ashley Madison Claims It Somehow Has 4 Million New Members Since Its Data Breach

Ashley Madison can’t dig itself out if its downward spiral, despite its possibly-spurious claim  it has 4 million more members today than it did before the Impact Team breached the site and released information about most of its members. Ninety-five percent of those members turned out to be men, with 70,000 fembots sending messages to those men to make it seem like there were a lot of women on the site, ready for extramarital affairs.

The company that owns Ashley Madison, Avid Life, is facing twelve separate class-action lawsuits from subscribers whose identities were revealed in the hack. Avid Life hasn’t released a public statement since August 31, won’t comment on the lawsuits, deny that the data revealed any misleading behavior on their part, and won’t clarify where these 4 million new members have come from.

Suffice it to say that it either looks sketchy or it looks like wishful thinking on Avid Life’s part. I guess they should enjoy the same sort of wish-fulfillment fantasies they pawned on their members while they still can.



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