This “Orphan Black” Season 4 Trailer Is Almost Enough To Make Me Watch The Show Again

I have a feeling that if you watched the third season of Orphan Black all the way through, then this teaser and the terrifying mechanical eye will make sense to you.

“Ah, yes! That’s from when Felix finally unpeeled his face and revealed to the world that he’s actually a robot and not a human, just like you thought!” you’re probably thinking. If you fall into this camp, fantastic, here’s a teaser trailer for season 4 of this hit show!!

If you’re like me and a wide range of other people, however, who watched the first 3-4 episodes of the third season and fell off after you realized you were falling asleep more than anything else, let this weird robe-eye entice you into watching the show again.

The new season premieres April 16.