“Fit To Fat To Fit” Will Make Trainers Gain Weight So They Can Lose it Alongside Their Clients

If the weird body-shaming cum fitspiration of The Biggest Loser isn’t enough to make you feel badly about the direction modern society is headed, then A&E’s newest reality show, Fit to Fat to Fit will be just what you need to finally make the decision to heave your television into the sea: the trainers on the show will be gaining 60 lbs each in order to lose the weight alongside their clients.

It seems like the idea here is for the trainers to really level with their clients, man. To really inhabit the skin they’re in. To get up close and personal with what it feels like to weigh more, I guess, and then drop all of that weight from their tightly-toned and taut bodies with grace and ease. Gaining weight like a sumo wrestler preparing for battle in order to lose that weight in solidarity with someone who admits that they have an emotional attachment to food seems like a tricky proposition, more stunt than anything else. We already have The Biggest Loser,  and the pervasive scourge of Jillian Micheals and her abs. Is this necessary?

“I have something to tell you,” a very tan and lightly-oiled trainer says to his client. “I’m going to be gaining sixty pounds from where I am now, so I can better understand and relate to where you’re coming from.”

“I don’t recommend that,” says the client, echoing the thoughts of every single person watching this trash fire masquerading as a trailer for reality television.

If you’re interested, this nightmare premieres on January 19th. I would not recommend it.