David Spade Gets Attention By Claiming ‘Obama Is Thirsty For Attention’

David Spade, also known as the voice of Emperor Kuzco, has spoken, and he is full of criticism for President Obama. Admitting that indeed it is a “new world” we’re living in, in which the lines between politician and entertainer are routinely blurred, Spade admitted he doesn’t feel comfortable with how much the Obama family has played in the spotlight, saying it seemed tacky and “thirsty.”

“I mean look at Michelle — she’s on Ellen more than me,” said Spade in a recent TMZ video. He then criticized Obama’s recent appearance on GQ, claiming the president should “leave that to Bradley Cooper.”

It’s hard not to sense the jealousy in Spade’s claims of Obama’s thirst, especially when he emphasizes that Obama is ‘already above us’ as president and therefore has no business in show business, which sounds like a thinly veiled, “Not fair!”

A few weeks ago Spade sent this tweet criticizing Obama. Clearly the prez  has  been on Spade’s mind for a minute.

You okay, David? You need a glass of water?

(Huffington Post)