This Dingbat Wants To Save America By Raiding “Demonic” Yoga Studios

Meet Theodore Shoebat! He’s a right-wing vlogger and author, the son of Walid Shoebat, a dude who pretended to be an ex-terrorist to get on TV, and he thinks gay people should be executed. That, however, is old news. He’s been saying that for a while, because he’s fucking nuts.

Although Dingbat–who is, naturally, a yuge fan of Donald Trump–usually yells about how evil Islam is, this week he has turned his anger towards Hinduism. He thinks the U.S. should invade India and forcefully convert all Hindus to Christianity.

“If I had complete control, like if I was the dictator of an empire, I would invade India, I would destroy all of the Hindu temples, destroy all of their idols. And I would do what the Portuguese did, I would force people to convert to Christianity. I would say ‘Listen, convert to Christianity. You need to convert.’ I would destroy all their temples. I would have people preach to them, of course, and that would be it! That would be it, I mean, you need to Christianize the land.”

He also thinks that we should send SWAT teams to yoga studios and arrest people for practicing yoga.

“Yoga? Outlawed, and anyone who teaches yoga? Punished by the state. Punished! You need to be punished! I think we should treat yoga like a drug. I think it should be treated like the Cuban mafia with cocaine…I think the U.S. government needs to crack down on this evil, demonic thing called yoga and treat it like it’s a drug… You’re teaching yoga, have the SWAT team bust open the doors to that place and just arrest everybody. It needs to be destroyed.”

Yes. The greatest threat to our country today comes clad in Lululemon pants, and is very, very calm. And flexible!

I feel I need to remind you that this is not a joke. This dude is for real–and not even really a “fringe” lunatic randomly ranting on YouTube. He is so for real, in fact, that he appeared in an anti-LGBT documentary with Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee earlier this year! And he believes that the United States should send SWAT teams into your yoga class.

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