Prepare For Full Body Cringe: Sarah Palin Spoofs Tina Fey And 30 Rock

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

From the Independent Journal Review–the people what brought you Carly Fiorina eating a Milkbone–comes Sarah Palin trying her hand at “comedy” and attempting some kind of revenge spoof of Tina Fey and 30 Rock.

It is…not good.

I mean, really–I can’t tell what this even is supposed to be “spoofing.” Palin is playing a character called Lynn Melon, who is running a sketch comedy show, and for reasons I don’t entirely understand, she calls John McCain for advice? And then DotCom from the actual 30 Rock has a cameo in which he praises Sarah Palin’s devotional book she just published for its critique on political correctness, and you’re like “Oh no…DotCom. No…What are you doing?” Then Palin says something about Star Wars?

The only thing that’s sorta on point is Lindsey Graham popping up as Kenneth the Page, although that’s a fairly obvious and easy joke that a lot of people have made before. Although, Lindsey Graham is the only GOPer I think could actually be funny–but this is mostly because I keep thinking he’s actually Leslie Jordan doing a bit part.

It’s so bad. I’m sorry, but conservatives need to stay away from trying to do comedy, for their own sake. I’ve never seen it work out well. I mean, we all saw what happened to Dennis Miller.

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