People Are Successfully Having Sex On Hoverboards

Hoverboards, the preferred transport of various athletes and those teens that almost run you over on the sidewalk are good for looking “cool” and getting you from point A to point B at a pace slightly faster than a quick trot. The smooth gliding motion lends itself nicely to both looking like a douchebag and making your way down a sidewalk, quickly, but it’s also very good for fucking, as evidenced by this video which is decidedly NSFW.  Oh! Technology is a marvelous thing.

Broadly took a very necessary in-depth look at hoversex, assessing the merits and logistics of actually achieving intercourse while one party is standing on a overboard. The gliding motion — smooth, easy, effortless – lends itself very well to anyone’s notion of good boning. The concerns about the actual logistics of hoversex might outweigh the merits. Think of the core strength needed to both balance on a overboard and successfully perform intercourse. Think of the possible injuries that could result from being the stationary object a person on a overboard is zooming towards, dick-first.

If any man approached me with a hoverboard and an erection, I’d laugh, and then maybe consider it.