Nic Cage Reportedly Outbid Leonardo Dicaprio For Mongolian Dinosaur Skull

In 1924, a near century ago, Mongolia criminalized the export of dinosaur bones discovered within its borders. No strangers to action, risk, or forcing others to suspend their disbelief, Nic Cage managed to defeat the odds and purchase an illegal dinosaur skull that was smuggled out of Mongolia by a miscreant paleontologist.

Purchased at an auction, Cage apparently outbid the Titanic sweetheart himself, Leonardo Dicaprio, when he took the skull home for $276,000.

When the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, filed a civil forfeiture complaint last week in order to seize a stolen dinosaur skull from Mongolia, Nic’s purchase was quickly linked to the culprit.

Immediately willing to hand off his skull (a statement I’ve waited to write my whole life), Cage faces no charges for the smuggling, as he was uninvolved and merely made a purchased.

Eric Prokopi, a paleontologist who pleaded guilty in 2012 to smuggling a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull out of the Gobi desert, helped authorities track 17 other stolen fossils, including the skull Cage had.

Truly, there are few things that bring more joy to my imagination than imagining Nic Cage and Leonardo Dicaprio taking themselves 100% seriously, as they bid on an illegally smuggled dinosaur skull. If that’s not what children dream of, than what is?