Woman Assaulted By Anthony Cumia Posts Livestream Of Attack, Injuries

“Comedian” Anthony Cumia has long been known for being abusive with his words in regards to the way he talks about women. As of yesterday, he will now be known for being abusive with his fists as well–after having been arrested for domestic violence and assaulting 26-year-old Dani Golightly, who is assumed to be his girlfriend.

Cumia previously starred on the “Opie and Anthony” show, until he was fired last year for being a crazy racist on Twitter.

Golightly, the daughter of comedian Vinnie Brand, posted a video on Periscope, in which she points out her broken hand, which she says is the result of Cumia hitting her. During the livestream, it appears as though Cumia whacks her again. Golightly also points to several other bruises on her body, indicating they were caused by Cumia’s abuse.

Cumia’s lawyer, unsurprisingly, claims that he is innocent, stating “Things are not always what they appear to be and this is a perfect example of that.”