Man Sues Foster’s Beer For Not Being Australian Enough

A man is suing Foster’s–which bills itself as being “Australian for beer”–for false advertising after finding out that the beer is not made in Australia.

Leif Nelson, 37, has filed a lawsuit against Miller Brewing, Co. in the Brooklyn Federal Court claiming that the tagline, “Foster’s: Australian For Beer,” misled him and caused him to believe that the beer was actually manufactured in Australia. Which it is not–Foster’s is brewed in whatever country it is sold in, and is actually not even all that popular in Australia.

Nelson says that he has been a longtime drinker of the lager, but will not drink it again until it is properly labled.

The case is not without precedent–Anheuser-Busch was sued for $20 million this year for leading customers to believe Beck’s beer was imported from Germany, when in fact it is not.

Not being a beer drinker myself, it seems a little odd to me that a brand would pretend to be made in Australia, despite not being made in Australia. Or that this would be a thing anyone would care about. Is that a draw? Is there some cachet to that? Are there people excitedly thinking to themselves “Gosh! I bet this is what Yahoo Serious drinks! I now feel like wrestling crocodiles and carrying my young around in a skin pouch!” or something? I do not know.

According to Wikipedia, Foster’s was first created by two Irish-Americans who had emigrated to Melbourne. So it does have Australian origins, despite not being manufactured in Australia. I don’t know–is it a big deal that it’s not actually made in Australia? Would it be better if it were made in Australia somehow? Isn’t it sort of like Papa John calling his pizza Italian when he’s not even Italian? I could be wrong here, but it seems like this should not be that big of a deal.