Kill It With Fire: James Franco To Remake “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger”

Heavy sigh. James Franco is remaking the classic Tori Spelling TV movie, Mother May I Sleep With Danger? Why? I’m not totally sure! Apparently, he just can’t leave camp enough alone.

According to Vulture, Franco is teaming up with Lifetime and Sony Pictures Television to remake the 1996 movie we all watched 85,000 times on Lifetime during sick days in high school. Reportedly, Tori Spelling is going to be in this version as well, possibly as the mother who suspects her teenage daughter may be dating a psychopath who killed his last girlfriend.

While I obviously approve of casting Tori Spelling in this, I can’t help but feel a little icky about it. I mean, shit. Geek dudes complain all the time that women are “ruining their childhoods” by remaking stuff with women and people of color in them, but I’m supposed to be cool with James Franco remaking this? That doesn’t seem right.

I asked a renowned expert in Lifetime movies–my sister, Gia–her thoughts on this, to which she responded “I guess he can have Mother May I Sleep With Danger, but if he even goes near For The Love of Nancy, it’s war.” We then debated the merits of Tori Spelling vs. Tracy Gold Lifetime movies until my macaroni was reheated, and I’m pretty sure I won, because duh, Co-ed Call Girl.

I could be wrong, but it feels to me like it’s not his thing to make fun of? Like, I love making fun of Lifetime movies with my sister, my girlfriends, or with my gay male friends. It’s not something I’d invite a bro in on. A straight guy making fun of something made for women feels a little off to me for reasons I can’t quite explain. Even though I think its stupid to remake camp classics, I would feel a little more OK with it if it were being done by a woman or a gay man.

Anyway, if you somehow haven’t seen MMISWD, it is actually on YouTube in its entirety, and is best paired with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a box of Oreos.