J.K. Rowling Isn’t Here For Your Complaints About Black Hermione

Another day, another large group of people somewhere getting salty about something that is largely out of their control. This time, Harry Potter fans have their panties in a bunch over the casting of Hermione in the upcoming stage play, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. South African-born British actress Noma Dumezweni has been cast in the role, and surprise, surprise, a lot of people were mad as hell because she’s black.

In a swift move to shut down any of the rumblings from the giant fandom about “OMFG WHY IS HERMIONE BLACK, EMMA WATSON ISN’T BLACK, YOU HAVE RUINED MY PRECIOUS CHILDHOOD”, J.K. Rowling did like she does and took to Twitter.


For what it’s worth, the casting of Dumezweni as Hermione has been well received by an awful lot of people, including the scores of fans who grew up with Harry Potter and now have the privilege of seeing a beloved character portrayed by someone who looks like them. Also, racebending Hermione isn’t new. A very thoughtful post on BuzzFeed illuminates the various Tumblrs across this great internet of ours that have been doing this very thing with Hermione and other characters because that’s the beauty of having an imagination.

The play is set to debut on June 30, 2016 at the Palace Theatre In London.


Image via Twitter