Here, Have A Calendar Of Pretty Good-Looking Guys Who Support Bernie Sanders

Hi, there, are you attracted to men? Do you support Bernie Sanders? Well, then, perhaps you should purchase the Men Who Bern calendar, based on the Men Who Bern Instagram account. I’m pretty sure you can tell what the whole premise is – that medium-to-high-level conventionally attractive men support Bernie Sanders and would like to objectify themselves for a cause.


The calendar’s slogan is “Warning: May Cause Your Polls to Tighten,” but if my experience serves at all, I think a more apt slogan would be “Warning: Probably Contains Brocialists.” Or maybe not. Maybe they’re all really cool decent guys. If they’re just there to be looked at anyway, who cares, right?

The calendar’s creator, Joe Beuerlein, says the proceeds will go to Sanders’ New York grassroots campaign, but that he hopes you’ll donate to Sanders’ official campaign as well. You can buy the calendar at the low, low price of $20 here.

[h/t Towleroad]
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