“Game Of Thrones” Showrunners Heard The Criticism About Sansa’s Rape And Are Making Changes

“Game of Thrones” director Jeremy Podeswa, speaking in Australia this weekend, says that showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff heard the criticism about Sansa Stark’s rape scene and that “a couple of things changed as a result,” going forward in the show.

Podeswa has defended the scene in the past, at least as far as the execution goes, telling Forbes that “it was very important to us in the execution that it would not be exploited in any way. To be fair, the criticism was the notion of it, not the execution. It was handled as sensitively as it could possibly be; you hardly see anything.” But the showrunners didn’t foresee the kind of reaction the episode got, either. “We did not expect there would be people in Congress talking about it,” Podeswa said, referring to Senator Claire McCaskill’s tweet about the scene.


I’ll be interested to see what Weiss and Benioff are changing about the show. Maybe they did overstep some boundaries in the course of trying to portray Ramsay Bolton as cruel, but I still defend the episode as appropriate and important. And on the other hand, maybe they’ll find a better balance of telling cruel stories and not upsetting so much of their audience.

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