Aretha Franklin, Eternal Diva, Makes A Scene During A Performance Of The Color Purple

This last week in NYC, the Queen of Soul was observed treating herself to the joys of theater decidedly on her own terms. According to reports, she not only arrived at Jacobs Theatre’s production of The Color Purple late, but she brought a crew of body guards who managed to take up the six seats surrounding her.

As the production went on, Franklin was caused disruption via her obvious flashing cell phone pictures, and it was only when other audience members realized it was Aretha that they stopped their hushed complaints and let her do her damn thing.

After all, who really wants to cross the Queen of Soul? No one wants to be the narc that meets Aretha Franklin because they reported her cell phone pictures. Despite the legitimacy of the complaint, it feels like being on the wrong side of history.

Following the exhaustion and reflection of both taking the heaviness of The Color Purple and fielding greetings from a throng of fans at intermission, Franklin had her bodyguards usher surrounding rows of audience out of the auditorium, so she could sit and chill, because she’s Aretha-fucking-Franklin and she deserves it.

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