What Is With This New Twin Peaks Trailer?

I love Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is just about one of my favorite things on earth. I’ve watched it several times. I’ve even dressed up as the Log Lady (RIP) for Halloween. I am very much looking forward to Showtime’s 2017 reboot of the show, and have been obsessively keeping up with updates about who is and isn’t going to be returning.


The trailers are getting out of hand.

The latest one, posted above, is basically just Michael Horse–whom you may recognize as Deputy Hawk–talking about the Pacific Northwest, and then some people putting up the “Welcome To Twin Peaks” sign. I mean, really! What is that? Is David Lynch trying to torture us? The show isn’t going to happen for another year! The last trailer was just like, an old clip of The Man From Another Place dancing. This is getting very frustrating, and all these trailers are doing is reminding me that I have to wait another year to actually watch the damn show.

Really, the only interesting thing to note about this trailer is that it shows that the population of Twin Peaks has somehow remained 51,201 since the early nineties, which is odd considering all the mysterious deaths there.