Biggest Bieber Fan Legally Changes Her Last Name To His And Pretends They’re Married

Gabrielle Newton-Bieber, nee Gabrielle Newton is 22 years old and completely obsessed with Justin Bieber. That’s right, she is so obsessed with him that she legally changed her last time to a hyphenated version of the star’s name.

Girl, I love your dedication.

This English woman sleeps with a cardboard cut-out of the singer every night and has five tattoos dedicated to him. She owns countless Bieber DVDs, books, and other Bieber-themed products to the point of madness. I am wondering if she humps a body doll of him in secret, only because I would probably be into that too?

Her six-year long obsession which includes pretending to be married to him – is now leading up to the hope where she may one day truly married to him.

I hate to break it to you Newton-Bieber, but this might not happen. But alas, a girl can still dream.

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