The Crafter’s Box Is The Cool Club For People Who Like Making Shit With Their Own Two Hands

Christmas is next week and whether you still have a long list of people to shop for or your mom is blowing up your phone with texts demanding to know what the hell she should get you for this blessed holiday, have I got the gift for you — a subscription to the Crafter’s Box, an online club for people who love to make awesome shit with their hands! Each month, the site features a new experienced maker who’s created a special project just for members, with all the supplies you’ll need to craft along with their online workshop delivered straight to your doorstep. The Crafter’s Box just got started, but considering their first featured maker is my own personal weaving guru, Maryanne Moodie, I have a hunch that all the projects will be super fun, cool, beautiful and inspired. I just signed up and am eagerly awaiting the materials for Maryanne’s Rya Wall Hanging — which includes a lap loom, weaving tools and all the yarn I’ll need to complete the project.

Best of all, the tools and loom can be used again and again, which ultimately ends up making the Crafter’s Box membership fees strangely affordable. For $65 a month, you’ll get all the materials for each monthly project, as well as access to the online workshop and the Crafter’s Box community and forum, where you can connect with your fellow makers. There’s also three-month subscription plans ($180), and a Crafter’s Night subscription – which includes all the materials for five people, so you can throw a little crafting party with your coven – is coming soon. Memberships renew automatically but can also be canceled at any time.

And like I said, if the first project is any indication, a lot of the materials you’ll get in the mail will probably be reusable, so while $65 may seem like a lot to drop a month, if you end up, say, falling in love with weaving, well, you’ve scored yourself a loom for a pretty affordable price. At the very least, each month you’ll be making something beautiful for yourself or to give as a gift, on top of learning a new skill. (But if you want to get in on the Rya Wall Hanging action, you gotta sign up by December 24th.)

So, ask your mom to sign you up for a three-month subscription! Sign your sister or your cousin or your best friend up! Ask your four best girl friends if they want to come over for some wine and yarn porn! DO IT DO IT DO IT! Let’s craft together!! [The Crafter’s Box]