PR Creep Trevor FitzGibbon Reportedly Solicited Nude Photos During A Job Interview

FitzGibbon Media, a PR firm that represents such progressive entities as Amnesty International, and the ACLU, shut down yesterday after several women came forward to accuse its President, Trevor Fitzgibbon of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The accusations first surfaced during a company retreat in Austin, Texas, after people started talking about a woman who was reportedly propositioned by FitzGibbons during an informal job interview. The complaint was forwarded to human services, and soon enough, six women came forward to say they had been harassed by Fitzgibbons, and two came forward to say he sexually assaulted them.

Today, the woman who said she was harassed by FitzGibbons during the interview–Sierra Padraja, has come forward publicly and spoken to Jezebel about the incident:

Pedraja told Jezebel today that she spent three days talking to FitzGibbon, trying to get a job at the company, but that he quickly turned inappropriate. The entire team went out to a bar on Austin’s Rainey Street, where Pedraja says FitzGibbon invited her back to his hotel.

“He asked me if I was ‘willing to have some fun while he’s in town,’” Pedraja tells Jezebel. “I laughed it off and he apologized and changed the subject.” (FitzGibbon is married and has three young children.)

A day later, though, FitzGibbon began messaging her asking for nude photos, she says. He also toggled between asking for photos—“I just wanted one, btw us,” he messaged—and promising in a phone call to singlehandedly get her a $5,000 contract with a major client.

When Pedraja turned down his advances, she says, the job offer disappeared and she never heard from him again.

While it may seem surprising that a man who worked for a company claiming to champion progressive viewpoints and women’s rights–it’s unfortunately not that unusual for a predator to hide behind altruistic endeavors. Also, it’s not uncommon for men who lean to the left to act as though they get a pass on things like sexism, sexual assault and sexual harassment because hey! At least they’re not gross conservative dudes trying to take away our reproductive rights or anything!

In a statement yesterday, FitzGibbons called the accusations a “distraction” noting that his firm had been “the undisputed communications leader for the progressive movement,” but did not outright deny them. Interesting! I guess he assumed that the women he harassed would just take one for the team and ignore his behavior in the interest of not harming his company’s altruistic mission.

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